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ViolaVirus - Stichting Art & Technology

Organisatie voor Multi Media kunst, presenteert jaarlijks diverse projecten en ondersteunt de ontwikkeling van multi mediakunst.


- Exhibition Homage to Nervous Systems, 2017. CJP-tip, The Creators Project-tip. Exhibition Internet of Women Things, 2017.

- Exhibition Manifestations: Will the Future Design Us? 22-30 October 2016 @Dutch Design Week Eindhoven     Won the Title: Best of Dutch Design Week 2016! Mentioned in RTL-Z, Volkskrant, Telegraaf, Best tips of Dezeen, Best tip of High Tech Campus, Most critical event of DDW - E52

- Exhibition RuhrTriennale 10&11 September VR weekend.

- Helping Journalists and NGO's with project Pitchfork , Crypto processors for Everyone \o/

- Online expo Dark Matter

- Hackercamp Camp ++, Fort Monostor, Komarom, Hungary. Building a bridge between artists and hackers. Not only hackers do Security, Privacy and Hacking. Hacked Industy Robots playing records, Exoskeletons, Power-of-Google-out-of-control, Grindcore Karaoke-bar, Robots and Activism reaching a broad audience, 18-20 Aug 2016.

- IETM: Informal European Theatre Meeting, April 2016, theme "Digital Revolution", expo & sessions: The Way They Do It, The Parallel World: The Internet Of Things & Augmented Reality, Creative Storytelling: Transmedia & Transdisciplinary Storytelling, Wearables.

- Dark Matter preview at Burning Afrika 27 april - 3 mei 2015

- CCC (Chaos Communication Camp), Zehdenick, Germany, presentation at Nurdspace and at La Quadrature du Net, Aug 2015

- Institute of Crypto Anarchy, Prague (CZ), HCPP: crypto people and artists discussing the role of new technologies and decentralization (not only) in crisis scenarios, Oct 2015



Coming soon in USA and Europe: International Art and Technology Festival: IAT festival

U.S. scifi author and WIRED editor Bruce Sterling:’… Folks, the Dutch counterculture cannot get any more messed-up…….Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t think Holland can get any cooler and more out-there’


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